Funny health and safety story

Today I was told told during a team meeting (as part of the main subject matter) that a site risk assessment had to be altered to take into account of an aggressive swan which kept attacking engineers who were surveying the area. The swan had be removed by the RSPB so that work could continue…


Well it has been a while since being on here. In that time I have developed a slight obsession with coffee, I have now about 10 or 11 pipes (one of them in the shape of a clogg) and have delved more into the world of cigars. 

I am also now nearly 5 months off anti depressants, which is fun. Though I still glitch sometimes it is nowhere near as bad as it used to me. I think ridiculous hobbies help.

Israel. Palestine. UN. NATO.

What with the whole middle east/Israel/Palestine/Gaza/Isis being in the news a lot recently I decided to do my own research into it all. After about 30 minutes I have become depressed and had to stop.

You almost summarise the middle east as the ant that is under the magnifying glass held by the hand of humanity. The sense of irony and hypocrisy radiates around it. A state created out of a sense of collective guilt over genocide now allowing members of it’s government to condone genocide against it’s perceived enemies. The rest of the world stand nearly idol whilst activities such as manipulation of the truth and murder are being being carried out by all parties on the ground.

It is almost funny to think that if were carried out by individuals, then the punishment would involve the stripping of freedom, a criminal record, and probably mental health assessment.

Ego time

So this last month had been interesting. I have been ignoring tumblr for a bit just because I felt no need to come on here.

But yeah… This month has but into context the chaos and hypocrisy that is my mind. I have gone through small bouts of depression, self loathing, confidence, anxiety and happiness. I decided that I was bored with sex and mistrustful of relationships but I then discovered that there is a girl I would not be opposed to having a relationship with.
I then got drunk at my cousin’s wedding and ended up sleeping with a colleague of hers in the party tent when everyone had gone.

And then I bought a new pipe with a metal stem which I want to arrive today or tomorrow so I can smoke it whilst walking the dog and before going to gay pride with my friends.

And! I want a bacon sandwich even though I know the ones at work a disappointing.

Health and safety does get a bad view these days but here is a quick reminder of some of the cases where it is needed still. Even in situation where may not seem hazardous.